Sunshine Coast University Hospital is a high profile hospital project that features the Jacques IP Communications System. We have worked closely with Schneider Electric, the system integrator and installer handling the project. Working with Schneider we have supplied an intercom system that ensures reliable and secure communications for patients, staff and visitors.

The Security Management system of the hospital is controlled by Inner Range’s Infiniti System. The Infiniti System interfaces with the Jacques system to provide full functional capabilities to the security operators onsite, to ensure communication is effective and seamless. The hospital boasts 2 virtual servers that feature High Availability that means if for any reason one server should go down the other will power up and take over, so the system always stays online.

Jacques audio intercoms are mounted in Security Information Bollards located in and around the external areas of the site and within the car park so assistance is available at the push of a button. Inside the hospital you’ll find Jacques Video Monitor Stations which communicate to Jacques Video Entrance Stations, granting people access to different areas of the hospital. The site features 360 Jacques intercoms in total. The feedback from the users has been glowing, the staff at the hospital have found the Jacques intercom system to be highly reliable and robust.

Numerous hospitals and health clinics across Australia and around the world boast the Jacques IP system. Providing reliable communication solutions to health facilities is something Jacques is very committed to.

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