A prison in Afghanistan approached Jacques with the requirement of a robust and secure visitor management system. As part of the security requirements, the prison needed a system with the ability to record calls covertly when required, without alerting visitors or inmates.

Jacques provided 35+ intercom booths pairs for the visitor area. The non-contact visit (NCV) PC master station enables security officers to have more control over the intercom booths – facilitating call monitoring, PA announcements, and scheduled visitor calls.

With an acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) processor included with this solution, the audio quality was significantly enhanced. The AEC module reduces the acoustic reflections and feedback (normally found in an NCV booth environment).

With handset and handsfree calling capabilities, visitors can clearly communicate with individual inmates while maintaining no physical contact. Separated by a Perspex barrier, visitors and inmates can communicate using a pair of intercom terminals. Moreover, with Jacques fully customisable graphical user interface – the prison was able to configure the user interface with booth call pages suitable for their site.

Jacques sophisticated acoustic monitoring technology, along with highly durable intercom devices seamlessly met the critical needs of this project.

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