A large prison in Malaysia required a Jacques secure facilities solution to facilitate cell communication, non-contact visits, and public address across the site. The solution required a high-level interface (HLI) integration to CCTV across the site, a visitor management system, and cell intercoms.

Integration provides a total security communication system – useful at large sites where multiple security management systems exist. For this project, the main system included approximately 50 IP master stations, over 75 cell intercoms, and about 20 PA zones using Jacques UAI-3B1 module. The ability to dynamically group intercoms into zones provided enhanced flexibility for this project, in addition to the PA speakers installed at the site. In addition to the above master stations, 3 PC master stations were installed at this site with at least one used for the non-contact visit system. Jacques PC master station allows for complete call handling and PA functionality, alarm notifications of device state, and custom maps.

Jacques non-contact visit (NCV) system is a subsystem of the IP Communication System (650 series), running independently or part of a larger secure facilities system. A Jacques NCV system was added to this site where over 65 NCV handset modules were used for the visitor area. The NCV PC master station has advanced capabilities to record multiple calls concurrently while also triggering calls or PA announcements when required. Enhanced covert monitoring allows guards to listen in on any conversations, record and playback when required.

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