Measuring 12 million square ft, Dubai Mall is among the largest malls in the world. Structured at the scale of a city; the mall was designed with internal pedestrian streets, fountains, a waterfall, an aquarium, and an underwater zoo – to name a few. Spread over four levels with 1,200 shops; this bustling space attracts over 200,000 visitors each day. With visitors at this scale, provisions for reliable communication and emergency call points at every visitors’ convenience was essential.

Jacques successfully installed over 290 audio intercom terminals throughout this site with a focus on parking lots and lift lobby areas. A customised intercom panel was designed to suit the project requirements, this included custom etching, a blue coloured piezo button, and countersunk holes.

With 4 large parking lots accommodating around 14,000 vehicles, audio intercom terminals were installed at multiple areas in each parking lot. Integration to access control systems allowed for automatic door controls based on events from the Jacques intercom system. Audio with the intercoms is facilitated by Jacques’ master station (IPM-360G), positioned at 5 security office points at this site. The project also included approximately 10 long range audio intercoms as part of a solution for lifts.

Jacques high availability setup allows for site-wide system redundancy in case of system failure or instances of a lost connection from the main control room.