One of the key benefits of selecting a Jacques system is flexibility – in design and architecture. Jacques first project in South Africa was a correctional facility upgrade where each cell required an intercom replacement. The intercom design requirements were something out of Jacques typical product range – a tubular installation with a round faceplate – different from any solution previously offered by Jacques.

A customised intercom was designed to suit this project whereby the intercom would fit effortlessly into the existing wall space. Besides the design of the faceplate, the mechanics of the intercom were mounted perpendicular to the front panel – as per the specified design to fit into the space. Approximately 80 IP intercoms were provided, allowing the control room to directly communicate with each individual cell. Additional one button intercoms (VSL-351W+) were requested for the warden stations integrated to access control at the site.

Jacques successfully provided an IP public address system allowing for the grouping of cell blocks along with existing speakers at the correctional facility. This could be used to broadcast messages, music distribution, and any other announcements across the site. The setup enabled the control room to stream multiple music channels to cell blocks as well as the speakers.

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