Clarence Correctional Centre is our largest Secure Facilities project yet. Jacques worked with Saab Australia on this project integrating via High Level Interface (HLI) to provide a complete security solution. An innovative facility with state-of-the-art design focusing on safety, security, and rehabilitation. It is the largest facility of its kind in Australia, with the ability to accommodate up to 1,700 inmates. Extending to 195 hectares, the facility comprises 65 buildings, 3,000 meters of high security perimeter fencing with on-site health facilities operated by specialist medical practitioners. The centre has been designed with a focus on rehabilitation of inmates. With an invisible-type security utilising advanced technology, there are no bars throughout the centre. This includes officer posts and maximum-security accommodation cells. It offers prisoners a humane form of treatment with the capacity of rehabilitation via suicide prevention and mental well-being programs. The goal is to generate a pathway for inmates to re-establish themselves into society upon release. For this project, Jacques products seamlessly integrate with Saab’s Oneview Security Management System (SMS). Operators are able to receive, make and terminate intercom calls, as well as monitor intercom audio. Over 1,150 Jacques self-testing intercom terminals are spread across Clarence Correctional Centre whereby intercom diagnostic tests are logged and recorded without sending a technician to test each intercom individually – one of the many benefits of Jacques STB (self-test button) intercoms. The project also includes bollard intercoms for outdoor areas, ensuring a calling facility is made available across the perimeter. Jacques nurse call intercoms and LED message displays are installed within the health facilities at this site. The nurse call intercoms have been specifically designed for a secure facilities environment to ensure prisoner safety. Several hundred Jacques speakers have been installed allowing for Public Address (PA) across the site; facilitating single endpoint and/or group PA announcements. If required, intercom terminals may also be selected for PA message distribution. In visitor areas where no contact with inmates is permitted, Jacques Non-Contact Visit Systems (NCV) allows visitors to clearly communicate with individual inmates while having no physical contact. Separated by a glass or invisible barrier, visitors and inmates may still be able to see each other while communicating. Site-wide system redundancy reduces the risk of system failure and ensures no call is lost via Jacques virtual redundant controllers. Saab’s HLI with the Jacques IP Integrated Communication System enables operators of the Saab OneView SMS to perform numerous communication tasks. The combined solution provides for integrated controls that enable associated items to be controlled from one menu, including intercoms, doors, lights cameras etc. Learn more about Jacques Secure Facilities solution.