Jacques is proud to be part of this prestigious project in the United Arab Emirates. Burj Khalifa is a global landmark standing at over 828 meters – the tallest building in the world. Boasting over 160 floors; these lifts have the longest travel distance in the world. Using double-decker lifts, each cabin has the capacity of 12 to 14 persons moving at the speed of 36 km/hour (10 meters per second).

This mix-use commercial development combines residences, corporate suites, and a luxury hotel – encompassing a myriad of communication requirements. With multiple building and security management systems running, a redundant server setup was required to meet all the key communication requirements. Jacques high-availability package provides full system redundancy in the unlikely event there is complete loss of connectivity. The way this system is setup, a secondary (redundant) controller is added in addition to the primary controller running on the system. In case of a system failure, the secondary controller will automatically failover and connect with the endpoints to ensure continuous system operation. Jacques successfully provided 75+ IP master stations for this project, all connected to and powered by the IP network.

Approximately 650 audio intercoms (varying between one and two button options) were included with this project located at the lift lobby areas, car parks, and building entrances. The two button intercoms enabled not only a ‘Call’ button, but also a ‘Duress’ call which would take a higher call priority in the call hierarchy when presented at a master station in the main security control room. The intercoms were customised for this project to include custom etching in both Arabic and English, custom button colour, and a different intercom speaker design.

The lift solution deployed at this site enabled 56 long-range lift intercom connections from master to each endpoint located within the lifts. The solution featured 2-way communication between master and endpoint, along with the ability to broadcast emergency fire alarm systems when required.

Jacques integrates to a range of third-party systems including CCTV, building and security management systems via high-level interface (HLI). For this project, Jacques system integrated to CCTV and security management system allowing for picture-in-picture viewing at the central control room when a call has been triggered.