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Jacques J650UI, a powerful & versatile security & communication application for ultimate control. Customisable to suit any security-critical solution – prisons, bus & rail networks, universities, public spaces, schools. Control desk functions at your fingertips. Real-time, visualisation of your site. See what’s happening via interactive icons, CCTV integration, configurations for jump-on-action screens and alarms.


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  • 4th generation IP Master Station for complete call and PA functionality
  • Complete intercom call handling functions
    • Call queue display
    • Call notification display
    • Call originate
    • Call answer/end/hold/forward
    • Group calling
    • Call monitoring
    • Central control location for duress/concierge calls
  • Complete public address functionality
    • Make live and pre-recorded announcements
    • Broadcast tones, bells & alarms
    • Visual display of PA zones (unlimited number of zones depending on controller)
    • Selection and playback of recorded announcements
  • Diagnostics and reporting
  • Alarm notifications including device state
  • Incoming call & connected call video from select video intercom devices
  • Video from third party CCTV cameras
  • Send text message notifications to Jacques Video Monitor Stations
  • Map, grid and database views
  • Upload multiple site maps to suit application/site
  • Customisable layout/functions to suit application requirements