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One system, endless possibilities

The Jacques IP Communication System (650 Series) is built tough for critical, security communication in the secure facilities market, yet flexible and scalable to suit any market requirement where communication is vital. Featuring audio and video intercom, public address and help point units, communication with an individual or the masses is effortless. With the scope to achieve systems with an unlimited number of endpoints, and with virtually unlimited configuration options the possibilities are endless.

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As communication needs change, system configuration can change to ensure needs are continually met. Flexibility in system design allows for the creation of small, large or multi-site communication systems with different needs.


Designed and manufactured in Australia, our products are built to last. With over 30 years experience our systems receive ongoing innovative features to meet market demands. Our technology development in-house ensures customer site issues and bug fixes are resolved quickly.


With unlimited scalability to add intercom or public address endpoints, our system can grow with you.  Our products support Power over Ethernet (PoE) allowing for simple plug & play installation.


Compatible with ourselves and others. Backwards compatibility within our system ensures our multi-generational systems operate in harsh environments for decades. We offer our software development kit to others to ensure compatibility with third party systems.


Critical in providing communication systems as part of a total security solution is the ability of our IP Communication Systems to integrate with a large number of third party systems. Integration via High Level Interface (HLI) is available to building and security management systems, CCTV, access control and digital telephony systems.


True IP Communication

Full IP communication from server to endpoint devices. The system operates on an IEEE TCP/IP network with all devices supporting IEEE PoE allowing for power, date, and voice communications to be transmitted via a single CAT5/6 cable.

Quality of service

Our system supports Quality of Service (QoS) for reliable digital voice and video communications. The system can provide priorities to different applications, users, or data flows, to guarantee a certain level of performance. It allows the efficient management of jitter, bandwidth, bit rate and delay on the network ensuring reliable communication.

Full Duplex

Full duplex audio communication with advanced capabilities ensures quality, clear, two-way communication


Flexible system topology enables the configuration of hierarchical, or peer to peer call arrangements ensuring no call is ever lost or unanswered within the system. This allows for specialised call handling.

650 series IP communication system diagram

Call Control

Call control within the system can operate in standalone mode, under the control of the IP system controller and/or under the control (via high level interface) of third party building/security management system.

Call Load

System architecture promotes multiple calls between master and intercom devices simultaneously, this is only dependent on the number of master stations on the network.


Redundant and distributor server frameworks that limit single points of failure, ensuring system robustness and site-wide reliability for critical communication.


Call priority allows for the identification and prioritization of calls from predetermined important, high risk or danger areas ensuring communication lines from caller to central control are handled with precedence. 256 call priority levels are available.

Dynamic Zoning

Dynamic grouping of PA zones permits an unlimited number of groups or the number of zones within a group. This allows users to design a site-specific PA system with an unlimited number of zones ensuring total audio coverage across a site.


Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)

An acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) engine when used in full duplex mode to significantly reduce unwanted interference from acoustic reflections and feedback ensuring clarity of audio.

Isolate Nuisance Callers

Ability to isolate calls from nuisance callers who may continue to press the intercom call button. Isolated calls can be manually deisolated or a global time-out can be configured.

Threshold Monitoring

The system provides threshold monitoring whereby a call is automatically connected or an alarm notification is activated, should a predetermined ambient noise level be exceeded at any configured intercom endpoint.

Covert Monitoring

The system features advanced covert monitoring capabilities whereby a master station with the appropriate permissions can covertly monitor (listen to) audio from any intercom terminal. While operating covertly the system disables any call-connected notifications (eg. Call LED) at the intercom terminal while restricting any audio from being transmitted to the intercom terminal allowing for optimal audio monitoring.

Configurable Event Triggers

The system can be configured to allow for the triggering of events in conjunction with an action performed in the intercom system. Event triggers include (but are not limited to) CCTV switching, light on/off switching, door/gate/boom gate release, pre-recorded message announcements, night switching (call diversion relating to hierarchy, based on time of day) and bell or warning alarm scheduling.

Jacques intercom system reporting and diagnostics



The system continually performs diagnostic testing to ensure endpoint reliability. As standard, all intercom terminals are polled every 2-3 seconds to perform integrity, tamper and diagnostic tests for any faults or acts of vandalism. Should any faults occur, they are immediately reported as alarms in the system and include time, date, and location stamping.

Automatic Intercom Button Test

The Jacques Self Test Button (STB) – a call button that allows for the testing of the push button mechanism, acoustics and data communications remotely whereby diagnostic tests are logged and recorded on the system controller. Any tests reporting a test fail triggers an alarm within the system.


Audio from any/all intercom call/s within the system can be captured for redundant recording. The system provides multiple simultaneous channel outputs for digital voice logging with time/date stamping. Additionally, the system log records, and time stamps all call activities, fault reports, maintenance investigations and incident assessments.

Download Diagnostics & Reporting Brochure

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Jacques IP Communication System is designed and developed to meet the virtually limitless requirements unique to any market. Our security communication system is suited to applications where reliable, integrated, high quality voice and/or video communication is required. One system, endless possibilities.


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