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Critical to the management of correctional facilities is 24-hour, real-time communication and surveillance. Jacques integrated IP communication system – designed for correctional facilities and jails – provides facilities management with a highly reliable, integrated communication and monitoring system that offers staff, inmates and visitors security through communication. The communication solution is highly flexible, customizable, reliable, and integrated to many leading security, building management, and CCTV systems to ensure a safe, secure, and cooperative corrective facility environment.

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650 series IP communication system diagram


Utilizing true IP technology, from server to endpoint devices provides flexibility, scalability and complete system configuration control to create the required Secure Facilities system. The IP technology backbone ensures sites can adapt as a prison or facility grows or requirements change. The Secure Facilities communication system seamlessly integrates with CCTV, access control and building and security management systems via high level integration for a total solution. This ensures the Jacques Secure Facilities solution seamlessly becomes part of a complete security package.



The system features advanced covert monitoring capabilities whereby a master station, with the appropriate permissions, can covertly monitor (listen to) audio from any intercom terminal. While operating covertly, the system disables any call-connected notifications (eg. Call LED) at the intercom terminal while restricting any audio from being transmitted to the intercom terminal – allowing optimal audio monitoring.


Jacques acoustic echo cancellation, (AEC) software, significantly enhances the clarity and intelligibility of covertly monitored jail cell conversations. This software acts upon the streamed audio available at the intercom device.

Background music (BGM) is streamed from the IP Communication System into the jail cell. The AEC software samples the audio as it is streamed. When the covert monitor is activated, the sampled audio is significantly reduced, leaving mainly the cell voice conversation for easy operator monitoring.


An acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) engine when used in full duplex mode significantly reduces unwanted interference from acoustic reflections and feedback, ensuring clarity of audio.


The selection of any intercom terminal for intelligence surveillance, monitoring, and recording. The audio stream from select intercom terminals can be used by the police or surveillance for continued monitoring and can be made available 24/7 if required.


The Secure Facilities solution features advanced diagnostic and health checking capabilities which are logged and reported, in real-time, 24/7. The system continuously reports on over 320 events including configuration, call activity, device & system health status and faults. The system controller sends a heartbeat to endpoints every 5 seconds and reports on the result. This ensures that issues within a system are recognized instantaneously.


System redundancy ensures continual, uncompromised communication. Our redundancy solution dramatically reduces the risk of system failure, specifically for communication critical environments such as prisons, police stations and corrective facilities.



Jacques jail communication system supports inmate management, central control and monitoring, and visitor communication. In-cell intercom terminals provide high quality audio communication, calling to and from central control rooms. The system provides features such as audio covert monitoring, public address, tamper detection, audio self-testing and reporting functions. The system also offers redundancy ensuring continued, reliable communication 24/7.


Corrective and rehabilitation facilities often house youth offenders or minimum security persons progressively reintegrating into society. As such their communication requirements, although similar to a prison environment, differ slightly. Intercom terminals provide reliable communication between cells and communal areas with central control rooms with features such as announcements and entertainment. Jacques public address solution is a multi-zone system, suited for corrective facilities as it provides announcement scheduling, alarms, evacuation warnings and music distribution. Safety is further enhanced with system integration to CCTV providing 24 hour audio-visual monitoring.


Jacques’ system is ideal for small to large police stations which encompass a number of holding cells. Integration with CCTV and access control systems together with audio communication provides a complete security solution. 24/7 audio streaming can be made available for recording. The intercom terminals provide user-friendly, hands free operation once a call is connected, which can withstand the conditions of these harsh environments.



Intercom terminals are robust, water protected, and vandal resistant. Built to withstand harsh jail environments and continuous, high volume usage. They perform continuous tamper detection, integrity, and diagnostic testing. To further enhance reliability of the call button, prison intercom terminals can be equipped with self-testing buttons whereby the system automatically tests terminal buttons, guaranteeing their reliability.

The Jacques Self Test Button (STB) is a reliable, mechanical intercom call button that allows for the testing of the push button mechanism, acoustics and data communications remotely. A complex algorithm analyzes the results of the test parameters and reports on the overall status of the test for each device. A site-wide diagnostic test can be triggered manually or scheduled to occur at any time or interval with a report generated at the completion of the test. This provides confidence to facilities management on the reliability of the intercom call functionality and allows any maintenance issues to be rectified in a timely manner.

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Jacques Non-Contact Visits System (NCV) allows prison visitors to communicate with individual inmates with no physical contact. Separated by a glass or perspex barrier, visitors and inmates can communicate using a pair of intercom terminals (hands-free or handset options available) on either side, without physical contact. The system simultaneously records all conversations between visitors, inmates and operators.

Communication over intercom booth pairs are supervised using the Non-Contact Visits System graphical user interface (GUI) ensuring ultimate call control and flexibility. The NCV GUI also facilitates group or single endpoint public address announcements, intrusion and instant playback of recorded audio files and call monitoring from any master station within the network, ensuring a cooperative prisoner visiting environment.


The Jacques Contact Visit Systems allows for the covert monitoring of prisoner communication discretely from within a communal area. In prisoner communal seating areas such as the mess hall or in public and prisoner meeting rooms (allowing contact) monitoring, intruding in on and the recording of conversations between parties may be required. Often covert monitoring devices are concealed within each table and perform ‘listening’ functions.

Management of the CV system is via a dedicated Contact Visits system Graphical User Interface (CV GUI) and is used by the supervising authority to perform various covert monitoring functions including monitoring/listening.


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